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Barris turned to face the thin man before him, the green robed woman waited only yards away for a response.

“I’m afraid I am just as lost as you, friend. Books are no interest of mine. However, I did see a man cross these grounds at dawn. His gear showed he was certainly the traveling type… He could have dropped it. ”

“Hm, odd indeed.” The man turned back to the green robed woman and answered her question,

“He does not, m’lady. He thinks a traveling man may have dropped it.”

“Take the book, if he is lying he will regret it.” She said as she stared at Barris, her face hidden beneath the cowl of her robes.

The thin man closed the book and left the porchfront slowly,

“Thank you for your time, Mr. Oakfoot.” He said with a sly voice.

“Of course.” Was Barris’ reply as he watched the man stroll to the carriage and climb onto the upholstered bench.

The woman kept her gaze on Barris after she returned own seat. Even though her face was hidden, her stare stood him still. The slender man yanked the reins to signal the horses to move and in a matter of seconds the two strangers were gone. The wooden wheels could still be heard squeaking as they drove away. Barris shut the door quietly and turned to lean his back against it.

“Who was it?” Gilly asked as she walked towards him.

“It was her… Farjadis was right... I can’t stay here much longer Gilly. She will be back, and next time she’ll find what she’s looking for.”

The End

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