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“So do you know this woman’s name? “ Gilly asked, pulling Barris away from his thoughts.

Barris stood up from his chair and turned to face his sister. “ ‘Lenook’, That’s what the old man calls her anyway. Perhaps a surname, or even a title. But he believed it was unwise to tell me anything about her, knowledge only Wisebeards seem to burden themselves with.”

“I see… So what will you do now?” Gilly asked.

“Wait. It’s all I can do.” He replied.

“Wait? For how long?”

“Until — “ Barris was cut short by a knock on the door.

They both froze at the unexpected sound, which came again, now with heavier beats. Barris approached the door and wrenched it open by the brass knob. Standing before him was a rather slender figure dressed in elegant purple robes and fixing the small spectacles upon his nose.

“Excuse me, Didn’t mean to disturb you, but I couldn’t help but notice this book outside your hole.” He said, revealing a dark leather hardback with no title or text on its covers. He flipped its empty pages and continued,

“Rather fascinating really, as it is similar to books I’ve seen before… You see mister…?”

“Oakfoot.” Barris answered.

“Ah, Mr. Oakfoot, well you see I am traveling with m’lady and she too finds the placement of such a text, well, odd to say the least. I assume someone must have dropped it… you perhaps?”

Barris looked out to the road and saw a carriage of pristine quality. Gold trimmed its wooden walls and two beautiful white horses were at the reins. Out of a side door the woman this man spoke of appeared, hooded and draped in long satin green robes. Barris quickly looked back to Gilly through the doorway, fear plastered across his face. He took a breath and gathered his nerves, almost unable to believe who he was seeing. She scanned the small hobbit village and glanced towards the man at the doorway.

“Aerendyl, does this hobbit own this text?” She said, her voice was strong yet oddly mystifying.

The End

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