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Barris looked out the window into the sunlit town, “Balamor left the Raehl, four days back. A day later his grandfather, Farjadis, was visited by a courier… Someone is after him and Balamor, Gilly, and they could come after me.”

“Come after you?” His sister asked.

“For those books and for this…” He said as he reached into his pocket and retrieved the ruby pendant placing it on the table before him.

Gilly didn’t respond, her and Marigold both looked at the fastened ruby shard and then back at Barris.

“Farjadis calls it the ‘Bloodstone’... Look I know, it’s bollocks to say the least, but this necklace and those books are just part of something that is beyond just us Hobbits. There are very powerful people in this world, some on the bad side of the hill and others willing to keep these holes safe…” Barris picked up the pendant and glared into its crystalline structure.

“The Wisebeards, they aren’t spun from the same thread as most Hobbits. They come from the old world, when there was one kingdom for all the races. It was always fairy tales to me though. Hobbits, Dwarves, Humans, and Gnomes all living in harmony?... But twenty years ago, when I took the Wisebeards in to my home I learned the truth, about those fairy tales and about magic. Farjadis Wisebeard told me who the Wisebeards really were, where they’d come from. Their name goes far back, possibly even millennia. Before there were any Kingdoms of men ruling this world the people of old knew the Wisebeards as ‘Scrivenkin’, scribes of powerful words given to them by beings Farjadis called the ‘Rahkfolk.’ I don’t know all the details, but what I do know is the Wisebeards were the curators of this powerful knowledge, this magic… And since the Blood Wars that knowledge has been threatened.”

“Scrivenkin? Sounds a bit outlandish of a title to give Hobbits, and if you’re certain this to be true, then who are the people on the bad side of the hill?” Gilly asked while placing her fork down on the emptied plate.

“A woman, some say she is a beautiful human being, others say she is a Fay, but all know her by the green robes she wears... She was once the Queen of that old Kingdom, and also the destroyer of its rule.”

“And she lives today? How? Has she no age?” Marigold contested, chiming in after being lost in the tale from Barris.

“I don’t know Marie, but she does live today and she mustn't learn I’m here.” Barris said, before taking the last bite of his home fries.

The End

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