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The delicious scent billowed from the kitchen as Barris and his niece made it to the dining table. Gilly stepped through the doorway holding three plates, two in her hands and the third balanced on her forearm. She served the table and sat in the remaining floral cushioned chair. Barris looked at his plate and rubbed his hands together in anticipation. It was indeed a sight to behold, especially for a hefty hobbit like Barris on an empty stomach. The home fries were a gorgeous golden brown and mixed with sauteed garlic and onion. Beside them a slice of rye toast and two large servings of scrambled eggs and maple glazed bacon. The heavenly mix of fresh parsley and Dahrisian salts prevaded with the rising steam. Barris looked up from his plate and shot a glance at his sister who smiled and poured him another coffee from the brass flagon at the center of the table.

“Thank you, it has been ages since i’ve had someone else’s cooking.” He said as he grabbed a quartered potato with his fork.

“Since you’ve had mother’s cooking, you mean?” Gilly replied, pushing the mug towards him.

He took a bite, the buttery seasonings charmed his taste buds causing him to pause and close his eyes.

“Indeed… Do you have her recipes?”

“Luckily for you, I do.” She said, pouring herself a coffee and placing the flagon back on the table.

Marigold ate in silence, only the scraping of her fork could be heard as he consumed the hot meal. Barris was lost in his food, nostalgia took him to his childhood. The same grandfather clock would ring every morning and his mother, Rose, would have the table set. Him and Gilly would try to guess what their mother cooked that morning, but some new recipe always fooled them.

“She was magical, mum was, and her cooking was her potion.” Gilly said, Barris paused at the words, reminded of what brought him here, away from his own home.

“And now you’re magical, mom! And maybe one day, I’ll be magical!” Marie cheered as she raised her fork with glee.

Barris pushed his food around with his fork before grabbing his mug and talking a long swig. Gilly studied him between bites, his eyes wandering from time to time and the shaking of his leg against the floor.

“So you say you’re in trouble? You and Balamor?” Gilly asked.

The End

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