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Barris lifted his head to the sky, stars were fading in the rise of the sun.

“Look Gilly, I can’t explain… Not the caravan and not a single reason why I’m here… I just can’t; not right now.”

She hawked him in silence as he took a long gulp of the bitter dark roast and winced.

“What is it? ” She insisted, gripping the railing and jerking her head towards him.

“Balamor is in trouble, as am I…” spoke Barris, his eyes off in the distance, he knew his sisters look when it flared up.

“I am here because I need help, and I need you to trust me. I know it means nonsense right now but it’s just for a time. I need somewhere to stay until I figure it out, until—” Barris was cut off as he lifted his head and met the heated stare of his sister.

“Until the thickets grow legs? ...You footed off to the Raehl, Barris, and left me and mum... Now you happen upon some daring burden and you wish to drag me into it? All before you considered sending an owl to say hello?”

“I couldn’t.” He said as he kept himself from yelling.

“There were many days Gilly, that I wanted to write to you and Marie but if you were to know even the slightest thing, the consequences—“

“Consequences? What is it you’ve gotten into Barris?” Gilly asked as she looked between him and his caravan but he quickly dodged the question and put it plainly,

“Will you help me or not?”

Gilly balled her fist and slowly unfurled it over the railing. She looked through the circle cut window of her home, the small noggin of her daughter ducked out of sight. Then she was back at Barris, their gaze locked before she drew a long sigh and rolled her eyes,

“Fine,.” She answered as she began to walk across the wooden porch.

“Whatever it is you have in that caravan you best bring inside, in case another storm passes. There’s an extra room down the left hall, t’was for storage so you’ll have to make due. Get settled in for now, you can explain all this over breakfast.”

“Well, it’s a rather long confusing story.” Barris said distastefully.

She arrived at the door and grabbed the handle, looking over her shoulder as she pulled it open.

“Good, in that case I’ll prepare for second breakfast and set out cakes for elevenses.”

The End

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