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“Of what blood was this woman? Human?” Awkid asked as he secured his skeleton limb to his chest with the dirty cloth wraps.

“Unsure, maybe a human… Her features were strikingly elegant, almost frail.” Balamor said.

“Well, the woman who did this to me was of dwarven kind, my own kind. A strong woman and most certainly not frail... I believe there are is more than one woman with an ability to course magic.”

“Perhaps…” Balamor said with a sigh.

“Besides, what would any woman want with a cursed dwarf and some old hobbit like your grandfather?” Awkid asked almost rhetorically.

“Not just some old hobbit, he is a Wisebeard, as am I. I do not yet know the story behind our family, but I believe it has everything to do with your power… And mine.” Balamor finished his answer with a gaze into his palms. He was uneasy about his ability, where his power had led him and how it’s influence could discern both good and evil. There was a reason for it nonetheless, as there was with anything in the world. Silence seemed to hang heavily over Balamor before he felt Awkid stare at him, the young hobbit looked back.

“We should leave before the Parins return. If we’re lucky, they’ve died from something worse.” Awkid Anvorbeard rose from the stone floor as he spoke.

“There were two men who passed through here before awaking the Parins… An elf and a human, robed men. I thought you should know.” Balamor packed his belongings as he spoke in a nonchalant manner.

Awkid looked confused at first but soon a small fit of rage caused him to shout,

“What is it with you pestering worms wearing robes?” He balled his fists and looked over at the young hobbit who was fitting himself with his own brown robe.

“Everyone needs a good robe Mr. Anvorbeard. Whether it be for concealing or not, a good set of robes can give a man purpose, or at least seem to.” Balamor said with a slight smile.

Awkid rolled his eyes and shrugged before quickly returning to the topic,

“Were they lost? These robed men.”

“As lost as you and I… Strange, what would someone else being doing here?”

“Hm… Let’s go.” Awkid ignored the question, he didn’t like the idea of others being here. It could only mean a harder journey ahead, especially if they have another encounter like before.

The End

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