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“Your… Your arm, I couldn’t — “

“It’s no fault but mine…” Awkid said as he held the lifeless bones of his right arm in his palm.

“Can you... still feel it?” Balamor said curiously before palming his face at the after thought.

“I can feel all of it… Everything that’s missing. Only these bones are mine, these, bones...That’s it. Whoever she was, wherever she is — she too will feel this pain.” Awkid turned his gaze to Balamor.

“Farah Lenook… That is who did this.” Balamor said sternly, his eyes were unmoved as he stared back at the dwarf.

“She seeks your arm... and she seeks my grandfather’s death.” He added as he looked down toward the fire.

“So you know those men who were lurking near my cabin? Never thought to say anything?” Awkid said.

“I met one of them… the one with the black wraps upon his face, he escaped the night you saved me... But the ‘Farah’ they spoke of, it was three nights back when I learned of her name. From another powerful woman, with robes of green satin draped long over her body. She summoned some creature of the Earth… Like something straight out of an old kingdom tale. ” Balamor paused a moment while he gazed into the strange blue fire.

“She fed it a potion and suddenly a bright light gathered around the thing, as bright as the summer day sun. Within seconds it faded, and beneath? A fully fully grown and clothed hobbit… I’ve never seen real magic before then, nothing like it...”

Awkid removed the capping from his water canteen and took a swig,

“Hard to believe, considering only days later you’re sealing my wounds with the same magic.”

“Before I left my village, my grandfather told me that my blood was special. I didn’t think nothing of it, until things like this kept happening… Whatever it means, I still know nothing compared to that woman.”

“So you believe this woman to be Farah Lenook?” Awkid asked.

“She gave the hobbit man a small vial and a message to deliver to my grandfather. For him to drink the potion to hide his presence until Gantis Jacs arrived, a man I’ve only heard stories of... She told the hobbit that Farah Lenook was here in the South. At first, I was sure the green robed woman was someone else entirely, but now I don’t know what to believe…”

The End

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