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There was a pause, and the man started up again, his voice trailing with his movements.

“Damn these eyes, light a torch damn it! We’ll be de— “ a series of spastic coughs interrupted his words.

Balamor removed his brown robes and waved them over him and Awkid as the men drew closer. He took a quick glance toward the tunnel, warm torchlight illuminated the walls and the floor where the streaks of Awkid’s blood were still fresh and easily noticed by the figures of two men. Both of them wore robes, but one of them stood out. Sharp pointed ears were nearly a spectacle to Balamor’s eyes if it weren’t for the imminent danger. He knew too well, and after a second take he was certain, this was an Elf. Balamor’s steel eyes peeked through a slit in his robes, fixated on the duo only yards away.

The other figure was surely human, within his right hand was a small vial and in his left a makeshift torch. He passed it to his counterpart and unsheathed a small dirk from his side. Perching himself over the trail he skimmed Awkid’s blood into the mouth of the glass vial with its sharp edge.

“This is fresh… follow it.” The man claimed in a brash tone of voice as he stuffed the vial into a small leather satchel.

The two figures followed the trail for a few feet before the elven man broke course and began examining the strange walls of the cavern. Just as Balamor had felt earlier, a myriad of holes covered large swathes of these walls. The elf peered into one of the deep pits, an unsettling darkness stared back, seemingly fit with never ending depth. The human figure grabbed the torch from his comrade and kept forward.

“Do you wish for death? It really does amuse me.” He said to the elf who was quick to respond as he followed behind.

“I never let my death stray too far from my will, but this is no set snare, this is something beyond that...” His pointed fingers brushed across the series of deep pockets.

The human figure held the torch in front of him, the upper half of his face was obscured by the hood of his gray robes. Balamor held his breath as the light from the man’s torch entered the rigid cavity where he was hidden. What sounded like the squeaking of mice made the man turn his head. At first it was subtle but the elven companion was already on the move. The torchlight waved wildly as the elf rushed passed him. Almost instantly, the subtle noises grew into a raucous shriek that echoed through the cavern from within the deep holes surrounding them.

The End

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