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Balamor could only depend on himself to uncover the truth behind it all. After a moment he removed the leather upholstered book his grandfather gave him and laid it on the ground along with his journal, he studied the mysterious six page spellbook. The circled dash of Theas was dug into its cover above its label, but five other words were missing symbols. A snap of his fingers seemed to ignite the clockwork in his mind and he flipped his journal to the previous page. Placing his hand over the first symbol — two points divided by a vertical line — Balamor gazed at the spellbook, unsure what to choose.

“... Aer?” He whispered.

He stared at the page but there was nothing, unconvinced he spoke again, this time with command.

“Aer.” A slight echo bounced through the small cave.

Nothing, not even tingling in his hands. He moved on to another word, this time the first in the series of six.

“Tyel.” The sketched page of his notebook crumpled and disintegrated to ashes as another echo carried away — but this time he felt it.

It was a different feeling than before, his entire body suddenly felt weightless and his mind was quickly overwhelmed. The six page spellbook jolted open to its first page, three rows of pure white runewords nearly blinded him. The light shined against the cave in a great flash, and suddenly diminished to a faint glow within the symbols. The young Wisebeard grew a pounding headache and could barely catch himself on one knee. He staggered to his feet when the light from the fire became too bright for his eyes. Shielding his vision Balamor hurried toward the metallic torch on the floor and stamped out the flames with his calloused heels.

The pitch black darkness brought dead silence to the cave. Balamor was only inches away from Awkid's resting body when he heard something coming from down the tunnel to his right. In a rush Balamor grabbed everything from the ground, first was both of his books, then the torch, and most importantly his unconscious companion. Gripping behind the collar of his green tunic Balamor dragged the heavy dwarf into a small dark crevasse within the stone cavity. Suddenly the skeletal remains of the flag bearer crashed to the cold floor. The shuffling of footsteps and wheezy breaths were quick to hush when a shrill voice crashed against the walls.

“Did you hear that? What was that?”

The End

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