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Wielding a rusty battle axe Awkid Anvorbeard delivered a stunning blow to the monstrous frog prince. Blackened blood spluttered through the air and stained the dwarf's green tunic. He wound up a heavy overhand swing as the creature stumbled back into the water. Awkid's loud roar echoed through the swamp after he struck once more. Du'gahr dropped into the water while Awkid panted. Broken boney hands and cobwebs still clung on to old battleaxe, fresh blood now coated its surface. Balamor quickly got up and ran when a loud thrash of water erupted from behind him. Awkid Anvorbeard watched the slimy frog man jump out of the water with tar-like blood seeping from the gash across his face.

The Dwarf charged at the blind prince and attacked him again. The heavy battle axe sliced through the air and sparked against Du’gar’s rusted chestplate with a glancing strike. With incredible strength and speed the blind prince of the Steel Isle grabbed Awkid Anvorbeard by the throat and lifted him from the ground. Du'gar's blue tongue slithered from his mouth and down across Awkid's face to the cursed limb that fought against the frog man's grip. His tongue returned in a whip of saliva before he began a snickering laugh.

“Ah, Yes... We meet again Mr. Dwarf Dirt. Now tell me, have you come to finish me off?” He said with a devilish smirk. “It seems you’re just a bit too, short." His grip began to tighten and Awkid started to panic.

He felt Du’gar’s large hand begin to crush his windpipe and a numbing sting flow down his legs. With the little strength remaining he swung the old battle axe. Its rusty blade dug into the frog man's side making him shriek in pain. He released the cursed dwarf and cupped his webbed hands over the wound. Awkid fell to the ground and rolled to his feet, his weapon splashed into the muddy water. Du'gar unsheathed two wide crescent blades from his lower back and switched his stance into a wide crouch. He licked his lips before a wide grin crept across his face. The gash on his cheek was now sealed with a thick black scab that stretched as he croaked.

Awkid started to move in a circle slowly, his green eyes were focused on the blind prince who joined in the standoff. Balamor was without a plan as he watched his companion face off Du'gar, who was nearly three times the size of the dwarf. There was no obvious way to help Awkid Anvorbeard take down the blind prince. He looked around the gloomy swamp but every path was smothered by the cold fog. Awkid was surrounded by water and muddy soil without a weapon. Du'gar was facing down his prey and fully in his element. The swamp was his lonesome lair and it's nasty air corrupted his human mind.

The End

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