Page 106 - Chapter Eleven



Balamor's eyes jolted open at the sound of thunder, his bare feet shuffled the pile of ash and warm coals that was his fire. His journal fell from his chest as he panicked. The trees shook with a forceful wind. He quickly scuttled to a tree and pinned himself to it, peeking his head out towards the wind. The moonlit contours of dense flora swayed as the heavy gust passed. Leaves slowly flickered against the the ground as the still darkness ensued. Balamor looked around nervously. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes before he remembered his resting companion, Awkid Anvorbeard. He found the cursed Dwarf laying at the foot of a tree, unmoved by the wind. If it wasn't for his occasional snore Balamor would have mistaken him for a rock. The hobbit looked around and reached for his dagger, he drew it as quietly as he could — but the quiet of the forest was unnervingly so.

His ears strained to make out something around him, but there was nothing, not leaves crunching or insects creaking. The air was thick with a dewy fog so much so he could taste it. He held his dagger tight and waited for something to appear or for his nerves to calm, whichever came first. Minutes seemed to pass by the second before he heard distant shouts muffled by the fog.

He glanced between Awkid and the noises ahead but a scream in the distance made his decision. He creeped forward without a sound, the moist soil dirtied his feet with each slow stride. Through the thick fog he saw violet blue flashes and stopped behind the wet trunk of a tree. Unsure what was ahead the young Wisebeard held a cold breath and continued to the next tree. Suddenly something heavy landed on his shoulder and yanked him back. He tried to yell but a large hand covered his mouth and another held him tight.

“Easy little mapmaker.” Awkid whispered as he released his hands and held a finger to his lips. Balamor tried to catch his breath as the dwarf went on.

“Stay close.” He whispered, with a wave of his hand he crouched low and moved back to their camp. Balamor followed behind him and quickly gathered his belongings. Voices could be heard yelling as he tried to keep up with Awkid who moved ahead. Bushes whipped against the two adventurers as they started to jog, not knowing where they were going next.

The End

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