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"You'll be perfect for Bear, now hold still." The leather armored elf said as he revealed a silver dagger and stabbed it into the chest of the suspended soldier. 

The soldier murmured as it's glass hilt filled with blood. The elf ripped it from his body and waved his hand over him rhythmically as he bled out. His groans began to escalate into screams as his body contorted into a new shape. His muscles grew in size and his bones shifted and stretched. Nim balled his fists and looked down where his forest met the Rethis Barrens, he knew he couldn't cross — he couldn't save the Elkhart soldier from his fate. His screams began to grow deep along with the features of his face, seconds later the transformation finished with the loud roar of the new formed man. The stones shattered as the massive figure dropped the now short steel sword and flexed the armor off him.

"Nim go now!" Gantis demanded as the giant blood familiar charged at him, the two dark mages at his side.

"No! You won't win this!" Nim shouted at him,

Gantis reached beneath his collar and yanked a small gold chain from his neck. Attached to it was the shard of a ruby, its red glow diminished as he turned as threw it back to Nim.

"Go! Shield the Wisebeard!"

The ruby necklace chimed through forest border and landed into Nim's palms. Gantis turned around and swept his wand across the stones before a shock wave rushed forward and stumbled the charging figures. Rising into the air from behind them Farah Lenook pointed her wand toward Gantis.

"Gantis no!" Nim yelled out as he watched the black robed man cross into the Rethis Barrens and everything faded into a quiet empty forest. 

The End

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