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The Elkhart swordsman was roaring with each step but Farah Lenook was unmoved by his battle cry. He held his sword high as he closed in on the green robed woman. From above him a small bat screeched as it dove through the air, black smoke churned from its body. In a split-second it bursted into a cloud darkness and out came a thin gray robed figure and crashed into the unexpecting soldier. Slamming him to the ground the robed figure stabbed him in the throat with a small dagger. The blood pooled around the hilt before the fatal wound glowed a pale green and his entire body was reduced to ashes.

The remaining soldier broke from Gantis' grip with tears in his eyes and darted towards the gray robed mystic. Holding his long sword low and his shield square in front of him he was fearless. The slender Mage turned around and blasted a bolt of blue fire at the enraged man but it glanced off of his kite shield and whizzed past Nim and Gantis. In one quick motion the soldier lopped off the gray mystic's head. Blood erupted from his body as it collapsed to the ground.

The soldier's deadly strike left him breathless, but he was determined to finish what he started. He lifted his sword from the ground and charged his second blow with an angry holler. Farah Lenook reached into her green robes and casted out three stones at the soldiers. They lit up as they landed in the ashy surface and surrounded him, with a snap of her fingers the Elkhart soldier stopped in mid swing. Unable to move or even speak — he was paused — Farah Lenook held her wand to him.

"So this is what good is, yes? You bring along some measly foot soldiers — one who is, mediocre — and watch them die for the greater good? All thanks to what you wear around your neck!"

Gantis threw down three stones of his own and gripped his redwood wand . They crossed into the Rethis Barrens and shined. Two more bats descended into two other figures who landed next to their green robed master. One of them wore purple robes and held a short wooden staff, he pulled down his hood and pushed up his spectacles. The other wore crimson leather from chest to foot, a long black cloth was covering the bottom half of his face. Both of them had sharp narrow features and long pointed ears.

"The Elves! How?... " Nim whispered,

"Nim, you must go." Gantis replied, not taking his focus off of Farah Lenook and her mages. 

The End

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