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“No!” Nim cried out as he turned around.

A tremendous crack of thunder ripped through the air. Nim's vision was flooded with a bright white flash and a gust of wind knocked him off his feet. A high pitch rung his ears as he staggered to his feet and removed a gnarled root wand from his vest. At the edge of the forest was Gantis Jacs, his black robes were slowly undulating as he stood behind a wall of violet light. A stream of blue flames nearly blasted its way through the magical ward he conjured. Arcs of electricity snapped and sparked as the fire began to spill over its edges.

From behind Nim the two soldiers gathered themselves and ran forward fumbling their weapons. They shuddered as they gripped with the incredible reality,they looked at each other with regret in their eyes,

"We need to go!" One of them yelled over the sound of spark and flame clashing as he scanned the area for a way out.

"We need to fight, nothing else!" The other responded, his hand gripped the leather bound hilt of his blade.

He grabbed the tunic of his comrade and looked him in the eye. A sense of determination fell over him and he turned his gaze to Nim, who was staring down at his wand, lost in the situation.

"How does this end?" He yelled,

The gnome picked up his head and glared at the Elkhart man. Gantis fell to one knee and the barrier began to weaken. Nim glanced back and forth between the men and Gantis as the flames engulfed the shield of light. Stepping forward he pointed his wand at the collapsing ward and shouted,

"Tyel Siras Lim!"

The runewords that covered his wand shined in white as the bright violet ward exploded outward. Electricity swallowed the now broken stream of blue fire. Unshaken by the blast was the thin figure of Farah Lenook, her frail bone wand — smoke rising from it singed tip — aiming into the forest at the bane of her twisted ideals. Her green robes trailed in the ashy barrens, the cold grin beneath her dark cowl was hidden but Nim and Gantis knew it was all too certain. She lowered her wand and waited, Suddenly one of the soldiers charged from behind Gantis, his long sword and steel kite shield gleaming in the moonlight as he sprinted forward. Gantis held his comrade back as he screamed,

"Kleo! No!" 

The End

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