Page 98

"Just nowhere? How — " Balamor was cut off by Awkid.

"You'll figure it out tomorrow. We need to rest."

"I'll take first watch." Balamor declared as he let out his bedroll and sat down to study his notes.

"If I hear anything, I'll wake you." He added.

"Very well." Awkid responded, he didn't think it was the best idea, but he could sense Balamor was too uneasy to sleep. The dwarf took his backpack off and laid it on the ground as a pillow. He carried no bedroll or hammock, waking up with nothing to pack meant less was forgotten in a hurry. He rested his eyes but his mind was not at ease in the wild.

Balamor looked over the riddle in silence, occasionally he would add sticks and leaves to the fire to keep it burning. The frigid air made him pull his robes close to him. He scanned the page with his finger.


The End

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