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"I was beginning to think tomorrow would greet us before you figured it out... Ah! Speaking of tomorrow..."

Balamor and Awkid both let out a sigh while Nim looked around once more before removing a pocket watch from his vest. It was made of brass and hung from a thin chain hooked to one of his buttons. They could hear it ticking as Nim studied it for a moment. He turned around in a circle slowly as he referred to the device in his hand spoke quietly to himself. Awkid paid no mind to the gnome as he rubbed his fingers together above the fire; small cursed specs fell into the flames and burned up instantly. Also sitting by the fire was Balamor whose full attention was on Nim. As the small gnome checked his watch the young Wisebeard tried to listen to him but he only made out the last few words — they were spellwords.

"...Ehn Vis Payr"

The brass watch shook before it's backside illuminated the palm of his hand in a familiar pale green hue. The same pale green glow Balamor saw the morning he left for the Mog Brush. He realized there was a connection between the runewords and the colors he had seen before. The glow slowly faded when Nim stopped and became strangely quiet.

"Last question." He winked again,

"Where to go? Know where to be. Of course a place only few have seen. We all will go. We all may see. Who wins the race is a matter of speed. What I ask is simple I swear, if two trek south to somewhere who is someone going to know where?"

Balamor finished writing what he heard the gnome say. He studied the words quietly. He quickly gathered that they referenced Nim, Awkid and himself, but the rest was too ambiguous. He looked up to speak to Nim when he realized he was walking away.

"Hey! Wait! Where are you going? I was about answer! And what about the papers?" Balamor yelled out.

"A race is a race Mr. Wisebeard." Nim replied.

"But where does this race end? How do I get there?" Balamor stood up and stepped a few feet forward as Nim walked further away.

"Just know where!" Nim shouted as he disappeared beyond a lattice of trees.

The End

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