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Balamor’s handwriting was sloppy as he jotted down the second riddle with haste. Awkid scratched his chin while he planted himself on the ground. The two adventures seemed stumped for a moment and time was of the essence. Balamor’s mind kept him from resting his legs. Over and over he read the ambiguous text but nothing came to his mind, time grew thin as Nim tapped his foot on the ground. Awkid handed a roasted kabob to the young Wisebeard who quickly accepted it.

“It’s the sun.” Awkid answered.

Balamor threw his hand in the air, baffled that he didn’t think of such a thing. Nim slowly clapped as he walked back toward Awkid; he leaned in to speak to him,

“True… But you are not Balamor Wisebeard.” Nim said as he winked.

Balamor shook his head as he looked at Awkid. The dwarf responded by letting out a sigh and slumping his shoulders. The moon was rising and the cold fog was beginning to grip the southland once again, Nim suddenly looked back to Balamor and snapped his fingers.

“Question number two! It’s time is not now and never was before. It has no place but held today in store. The closer it gets the less it exists, yet some hope to live it while others wish they didn’t. Death steals it, patience reveals it, but time is all that conceals it. No one knows what it will be, but every day it's next to see.”

Balamor finished his notes and read them slowly, searching them for any patterns or references to spelling. Nothing peeked out of the seemingly illogical text. He finished his kabob while he quietly read. Nim began looking up at the trees, impatiently tapping the tips of his fingers together. The young mapmaker couldn’t realize any obvious solutions, he began thinking out loud.

“Judging by the first three lines it is definitely something abstract. Hmm.. Death steals it, and ‘it’ is something that is not now... and never was before. So it's not in the present and not in the past… ‘But every day it’s next to see’ hmm,”

He looked up toward the sky, through the lattice of leaves he saw the moonlit sky — it hit him.

“Tomorrow... It’s tomorrow.’ He said while scribbling down his answer.

Nim stretched and let out a long yawn, making Balamor second guess himself. The young hobbit’s eyes widened and quickly he began reading back over the riddle. Awkid stood up and looked at Balamor’s notes for the answer, even if he couldn't help, it simply bugged him. Nim finished his stretch and slowly strolled up to Balamor, the atmosphere became intense with each step.

The End

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