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Awkid’s idea was so basic that Balamor overlooked it the entire time. The fact that the book was magical made him assume it was too complex. He held the book with both of his hands as he thought back to the encounter in the Greatstone Pass. His focus was the fourth word stamped onto the bottom of the cover.

“... Theas.”

Suddenly the book jolted open to it’s fourth page. The feeling of pins and needles overwhelmed his body when the blank page illuminated with warm green runewords. Balamor studied them as the sensation diminished. Quickly he picked out the runeword he saw on the golden tree.

"There, that is the same symbol. And see how it repeats along the page?" Balamor pointed to the symbol on each line before he went on,

"It must be some sort of activation word. Which explains why it is written in common tongue on the cover. If that's true, then..."

Balamor placed his palm against the diagonal runeword on the golden tree. Once he touched the strange bark he knew that he was being watched -- being tested.


Beneath his palm the gold lined bark of the strange tree twisted itself, turning the runeword to its correct position. Balamor slowly removed his hand and looked around. To his surprise nothing else happened, the forest was quiet and nighttime only made it nerve racking.

"So… I suppose that's it?"

The warm light flickered across the trees and the dirt ground. Balamor looked at his notes and back to Awkid,

"Well that was step one Mr. Wisebeard and Mr... Anvorbeard?"

The two adventurers snapped their heads back to the pitchy voice behind them. There stood a very small figure, even smaller than Balamor. He wore black boots and light brown knickers with a tattered blue vest over a yellow shirt. His complexion was old, and judging by the condition of his clothes he has been here for a long time. What was left of his gray hair was spiked out to the sides and his bushy eyebrows made his eyes hard to see. A long tuft of gray hair on his chin was braided and tied. His large round nose bobbed as he paced back and forth with a large scroll in his right hand.

“Yes, yes, you were hard put a finger on... Anywho, there's just a few questions to answer, some papers to sign, and wala! You'll be on your way!"

The End

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