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Awkid froze and for a short moment he forgot why he was even running, until a small laugh came from the trees behind him. He knew it couldn’t have been Balamor, which meant one thing,

“You were right.” Awkid mumbled,

Balamor wrote down his notes while he spoke,

“The ends of this forest meet, you walk south and you end up north or possibly any other direction, Illusions? Possible."

"That and the trees are laughing at us... We're damned in this place.” Awkid said quietly as he scanned the forest.

‘Wait... You've been here before… how come you didn't find this tree then?” Balamor asked.

Awkid walked over to him and began placing sticks and leaves in the shape of a circle,

“The black robed man… He must have figured out this labyrinth. He would leave without notice and then return in the middle of the night.”

Awkid paused and removed a piece of flint and steel from his boot. Sparks leap onto the wood and quickly caught fire. Awkid cupped his hands and gave the fire breath before he continued,

“Your books, he too carried strange books… Perhaps he performed some spell on this symbol here?”

Balamor rubbed his chin a moment before he dug into his bag and retrieved his six page spellbook. He looked at the cover for a moment, he felt like he was missing something. The sun was kissing the horizon and the urgency of the situation pressured his thinking.

“I have no way of figuring out how to speak this language. I’ve read about runewords, and there is no recorded pronunciations. I wish my grandfather told me what these other words mean...”

Awkid looked over his shoulder, on the dark leather cover he saw six words spanned the bottom edge.

“How many pages are there?”

‘Six.” Balamor stated after flipping through them.

“Well it looks to me like these words on the cover are labels.”

“Ah! Genius…” Balamor whispered.

The End

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