Page 85 - Chapter Nine


Pages flipped as Balamor searched through his notes, trying to find out more about the mysterious runeword on the tree. It meant something and it was here for a reason. Whoever or whatever put it here was giving others a message. What that message could be was unknown to Balamor, but the symbol was not. His stubby finger nearly punched a hole through the pages, he found it.

"Here, I knew I've seen this before. Except the one in my notes has the line horizontal..." He rotated the journal to match the symbol on the tree.

"Where have you seen this?" Said the Anvorbeard.

"In my other book... On the fourth page." Balmor grabbed his spellbook from his pack, it's red cover and disproportionate pages flapped. He stopped and the both of them looked at the fourth page for answers, but there were none.

Balamor sighed, "It looks blank, I know, but I saw runewords when I was in the pass..."

Awkid shrugged and looked back at the tree before gripping it with his earthen hand. With all of his might he tried to turn the symbol, but his strength was not enough. Twisting the bark of a tree was obviously unlikely, but Awkid was no one to leave Brawn untested. He growled in frustration when he heard the sound of laughter behind him. His head snapped back to Balamor,

“You find this amusing? Would you like to try?”

“What? That wasn’t me...” Balamor replied as he looked around,

“Yeah sure.” Awkid said as he started to walk away.

Balamor was close behind, “Wait, where are you going? We need to figure this out.”

“What is there to figure out? We just need to keep moving.”

Balamor looked back at the tree before turning to catch up to Awkid. They walked for a few minutes, Balamor searched through his notes. There was nothing else the Fourth Valorhorn mentioned on his travel. He found a strange type of tree that was his key to finding the Mog Brush, that was all he wrote.

“Perhaps it’s a marker of some sort.” Balamor guessed, though he felt it indifferent.

“Perhaps.” Awkid stated.

The End

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