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Balamor followed, he looked down to see his hand was gripped this hilt of his silver blade still in its sheath. He didn't even notice he grabbed it, it was instinct at this point. It took him a few seconds to catch up with the speedy dwarf, he was in a hurry now. This forest had him frustrated, and they haven't been walking for more than an hour.

They passed the twisted trees which obscured what was ahead. The ground was relatively flat now, making it easier to navigate than the Thorned Ridge. Balamor was still on edge from minutes ago, the relief he had gotten still wasn't enough to settle his mind. He looked up at the trees, the feeling of being watched made him uneasy.

After minutes they both could finally see what Awkid spotted moments ago. It was a tree, but unlike it's neighbors. It's bark was a light shade of brown and the grooves of its bark were lined with a strange gold residue. It's leaves were also gold and shined in an unseen ray of light. They pushed the surrounding shrubs out of their path and their steps came to a halt. Standing at its base of the marvelous tree they were without words. For the short moment they were both lost in its beauty. Balamor glanced between his journal and the golden tree.

"This is it! See this symbol?" Balamor ran ahead and pointed at the tree as he looked back at Awkid.

The symbol was the shape of a circle, a vertical dash at its center. The contours of it melded with the bark and were filled with the golden substance. It wasn't carved, that was obvious to both of them; but it wasn't normal either and that meant one thing.

"Another runeword." the both of them said in unison.

They looked at each other and then back at the tree. Awkid had never seen the tree before, but the Wisebeard was right. Balamor knew now that they were close to the Mog brush.

The End

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