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Balamor snapped back to reality at the dwarf's words. He pulled his journal out and began looking through his notes.

"It could be the tree I have in my notes. It has a marking on it so we should know for sure when we find it."

Awkid continued south and Balamor followed him, his journal was still in his hands as he walked.

"Whatever it is, it is far away, I barely caught a glimpse through the trees." Added Awkid,

The foliage of the trees started to rustle again, first it was in front of them, then behind them. Awkid held his hand up to signal them to halt, but when they stopped so did the movement in the trees. It was so quiet that fear began to fester in Balamor's mind.

He thought back to the words of Dansil Murko. His accounts of evil creatures in the Forest of Nim were enough to stop the life from moving or even making a noise. The eerie stillness found its way under the young hobbits skin.

"Parins?" Balamor asked with a shaky voice.

"Not now, it's too early"

Awkid was scanning the trees, his eyes showed concern but the rest of his expression was confidence. He couldn't find out what was there. Before he could think any further something plopped on the ground behind them. They both turned around in an instant,

Awkid thrusted his arm into the ground, a few feet in front of them sprouted a hand to crush whatever made the noise. His arm burrowed back through the soil and he pulled it back from the Earth. Balamor flinched as Awkid opened his palm. Within was the crushed remains of an acorn.

Balamor began to laugh slightly, but Awkid's death stare caused him to stop immediately.

"Damn vermin!" Awkid shouted as he threw the broken acorn to the ground.

"Let's go before I tear these trees down and cook everyone of these squirrels..." He added as he turned around and started walking away.

The End

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