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Awkid put his hand on Balamor’s back and nudged him forward,

“let’s keep moving, we don’t want them guards coming back for us after they realize what they're missing.”

The young Wisebeard didn’t have any objections, on his mind was the old tale Awkid gave him the night before. He has a feeling this key was from the time of the old kingdom, from a time when magic was accepted. This key opened something, and it could be something in the Mog Brush.

They walked south off of the road and into the next forest. The sun was still up, and the sounds of life surrounded them. Minutes went by before the road behind them was no longer visible. The trees were unlike those on the Thorned Ridge, their bark was twisted, and the leaves gave off an unfamiliar scent. But the travelers were not surprised, especially the Anvorbeard for he has been here before.

Looking around at the trees and shrubs, Awkid was reminded of the notes in his old journal. Years have passed since he stepped foot in this place, the last time was no simple journey. The old man they traveled with was the reason for that. Always disappearing and making it impossible to stay on track. He knew this time would be different, but how different? The young hobbit was very similar to the Black Robed Man. The trees shuffled and Awkid stopped. He started to remove the wraps from his arms as he waited for something to pounce on them. But he was ready this time, and his arm wasn’t going to be a problem either. His mind shifted to his encounters with the Parins. He hoped they wouldn’t encounter such creatures this early.

Crawling down the trunk of a tree came a squirrel, it stopped and stared at the two adventurers before scampering away into a small bush. Balamor sighed in relief but Awkid was still on alert. It was a squirrel this time, but it could be something much worse next.

“So this is the Forest of Nim huh?” Asked Balamor as they continued to walk.


“I read about this place, the man who came through these woods said there was a tree that guided him.” Balamor looked around and scratched his noggin after he made his statement.

The End

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