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The man studied them, his hand was already holding the hilt of his sword,

"I see you're arm is injured Dwarf... What business do you have in the lowland kingdom of Elkart?"

Awkid looked to the forest as he spoke,
"Simik venom... Only the healers in Elkart know how to treat it."

"And the hobbit?" Added the guard,

Balamor was unsure what to say, he glanced a Awkid who started to show he was lying with the arch of his eyebrows.

"Well? Do you have no answer for him?"
The guard proceeded to draw his sword, it was intimidating to Balamor, he stepped back instinctively. The suspense held everyone still. Awkid Anvorbeard stared at the armored man. His focus quickly changed to the white stone keep of the Anstian Kingdom behind him.

"Get him! Stop that damn thief!"

A voice called out, it was coming from the west and along with it were the sounds of hooves clacking against the cobbles of the road. Whistles from riders and the occasional cry from their horses came closer.

Awkid and Balamor looked up to see who was coming but the Anstian man who held them up was to slow to make the same move. Before he could turn around there were the men on horseback about to trample them; two more guards chasing down a blue hooded man.

Balamor froze in the middle of the road, his legs wouldn't work for him this time. They were only feet away Awkid pushed Balamor out of the road and reached for the blue hooded rider with his bandaged arm. As he gripped his blue robes he lost his footing and pulled the rider from his saddle.

The other guards quickly pulled their horses to a stop when Awkid Anvorbeard and the hooded rider crashed to the ground. The sounds of metal clanged against the cobblestone.

Balamor was still getting back on his feet when he saw various metal trinkets littered the road. He looked closer as one guard gathered them into a bag the other two detained the hooded thief. The metal pieces shined in the light, some were polished while others lackluster. While he walked toward them their details became clear, they weren't just trinkets, they were keys.

The End

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