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Balamor didn’t respond, he knew he struck a bad chord with the Dwarf. But he also knew his idea was still a serious thing to consider. Balamor's suspicions seemed naive, but Awkid starting thinking the hobbit and his hunches were strangely accurate.

The two adventurers walked through the forest, the decline they traveled was steep which meant Awkid was right. The Thorned Ridge was falling behind them as the sun rose into the sky.

The Anvorbeard was in front now, his cautious steps were a guide to Balamor. As they walked he pointed out various plant life, telling Balamor which ones were safe and which ones were not. Being in the southland gave him a plethora of knowledge a typical Dwarf would go without. The mountains the Dwarven people lived in posed them with other dangers. This knowledge made him appreciate the capability of the southlanders, a people the Dwarves mistook as unseasoned and well off.

But the truth was that everywhere in the world had its dangers, and the races of man were equal in their ability to endure the Earth. It was the difference in their culture and their distance apart that made them look at one another with distaste. But what Awkid was learning on this adventure was that one race in particular could see past the differences -- the Hobbits.

Even though they were the most isolated of races, meeting another stranger presented them with an opportunity to befriend them. There was an innocence in Hobbits that was undeniably special, but it was a trait that made them easily taken advantage of. Awkid needed to be Balamor's guide, even if it was dangerous to himself it was worth protecting the innocence Hobbits possessed.

After they departed the Thorned Ridge they found themselves on cobblestone road. To their right was the beginning of the Greatstone Pass, it's sight remind Balamor of the past few days. His close calls with Bandits and when he watched the mystic woman cast her spell on the Earth. He started to question what happened with the magical Hobbit and his grandfather.

It was all very strange to him, the fact that the woman had him save Farjadis from Farah Lenook. What was going on started to frighten him. He turned his head at the signs of an unknown fear, he need to move on and finish his journey.

The End

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