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The mapmaker looked over his shoulder at the Dwarf with a smirk across his face,

"You know Mr. Anvorbeard... We're even now."

Awkid rose one eyebrow in disbelief, he found Balamor’s statement amusing and quite credulous in fact.

“Is that so, Mr. Wisebeard?”

Balamor looked ahead, the wind brushed against his robes and the sun made him squint as he talked.

“Sure it is, if I didn’t convince you to leave with me to the Mog Brush those men would have found you.”

Awkid shook his head at Balamor’s words,

“You think those men would have killed me? I’ll doubt they even thought the same thing! That’s if they were even looking for me, little mapmaker.”

Balamor giggled at Awkid, he knew his clay arm would certainly put up a fight with his pursuers. But he also knew he would not be able to defeat Farah Lenook once she arrived. He wondered how powerful she really was, especially if she commanded men like Mayn and Bear around the Thorned ridge. And what about this Avennoth? Mayn and Bear were just looking for the one who has it’s arm. Balamor turned around to face Awkid Anvorbeard, he walked backwards as he asked his next question.

“So If you have the arm of this ‘Avennoth’ --”

Awkid cut in, “If, this is all just your theory Balamor.”

The hobbit continued, ignoring Awkids interjection,

“That must mean there is more right? An entire body perhaps! Could you imagine your entire body being like that arm?”

Balamor realized he shouldn’t have asked his question, he tried to take it back but an exposed root tripped him before he could speak. Awkid kept walking, not bothering to help him up. His mood didn’t seem to change, but Balamor knew he wasn’t happy with such imaginations. Jumping to his feet Balamor quickly caught up with the Dwarf before giving his apology.
“Ah, I didn’t mean that. I am just saying what they are after is incredibly powerful, and we need to stop it. Sorry for mentioning it, I am just --”

“A hobbit? Just keep your curiosities to yourself for now. This forest ends just ahead, once we cross the road to Anstia we will be in the next set of woods.” Awkid commanded him.

The End

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