Page 75 - Chapter Eight



For awhile Balamor didn't move out of the small bush he concealed himself in. His hands were still and his eyes we fixed on the clearing Mayn and Bear once occupied. After the two men left he was lost. What they said about the Avennoth has his mind in knots. The birds were singing and the forest around them was awake after a gloomy start.

"You know what they said right?" Shouted Balamor from inside the bush.

A loud thump on the muddy earth and grass in front of him was accompanied by a grunt. After a moment of silence went by Balamor broke out of the bushes with his second question.

"I mean, you know who... Right?"

Awkid Anvorbeard stood infront of him, glancing down at his earthly limb. His eyes we intense. Balamor's patience could resist,
"They were talking abou --"

"About me? I'm aware of the possibility hobbit..." Awkid interjected.

"The possibility? Well how many other people possess some special arm? And this close to your camp?" Balamor continued as he picked thorns and leaves from his brown robes.

Awkid didn't answer the young Wisebeard, not because he was being immature with his conclusions. But because Balamor was onto something. The Dwarf's large hand closed into a fist when he looked ahead.

"Let's just keep moving, we don't know how many more hares will save your life in this forest."

Balamor finished with his robes and without waiting he took point. His hairy feet flattened the moist dirt as he walked. He didn't talk for awhile, instead he thought about the dou he just encountered. It wasn't the fact that he nearly died in that shrub, or how a hare managed to save his life. To him the thing that mattered most about what happened was the name the two men mentioned -- Farah Lenook.

She was the same woman in search of his grandfather. And now she is searching for Awkid, at least that's the only assumption Balamor could make. There is a mysterious connection between Farah Lenook, The Wisebards and this Avennoth. Balamor was somehow in the middle of all of it. And his journey to the Mog Brush seemed to be fated.

The End

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