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Jabit was without words, he looked in his memories for answers. He remembered the road he traveled in his caravan, it was dark when someone appeared in front of him.

“A woman? I remember a woman, there was thunder and then a flash of light, and there was a woman… I couldn’t control the caravan, I tried but I couldn’t! ... I can’t remember, it’s so hard to remember who she was. But I remember her green robes…”

Suddenly Jabit stopped. His mind flashed back to the strange potion which he now realized was not from his mother. His trip to the Raehl, to Farjadis Wisebard, it was a setup. Some twisted plan to have the old Wisebeard killed. And the run down caravan on the road to Paetok, It was his. The green robed woman did this, and he was sure of it. Stuck in his mind was a voice, a single line he heard before she left. It wouldn’t leave his head.

“Her name... Her name was Farah Lenook!”

His mother nodded as she stared at him. He looked down at the grave,

“This can’t be me! I'm right here, who is buried here?”

His mother didn’t respond, she couldn’t. She was lost at the sight of him. She knew it wasn’t real but he started to convince her otherwise. The sound of his voice, his face and the same clothes he wore. Everything about it was right.

Jabit glanced at her and then back at the grave. In a split second he started to dig through the grass and into the soil. His mother tried stopping him, but her crying became hysterical as he dug up her son’s grave. His hands began pulling up mounds of dirt from the Earth and throwing them behind him.

"She did this to me! That woman did this!" He yelled as his hands became stained with dirt.

Minutes went by as he tore through the soil until he hit something sharp. He kept digging, revealing more and more of what looked like bones. His eyes became full of tears and he shoveled the soil from the shallow pit.

The End

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