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She slowly turned around at the sound of Jabit’s voice. She couldn’t comprehend what she was seeing. Her eyes were wide in astonishment, the flowers in her hand dropped to the ground at once, their petals wisped away in the wind.

“I’m sorry I took so long to return home… I didn’t mean to take this long, but I’m safe! Don’t worry I made it back alive.” Jabit added, opening his arms as he walked towards her.

She back away with each step he took, tears began to run down her face when she spoke,

“No! Who are you!?”

“It’s me, Jabit. What do you mean?” He moved closer but she shouted once more

“You’re not my son! Who are you!?”

Jabit looked at her and replied “What is going on? It is me Jabit! Have you lost your mind? How do you not remember your own son!?” Anger and confusion filled his mind. He couldn’t figure out anything she was saying, but it scared him.

She started sobbing after she spoke,

“You are not my son! This is my son, this is what’s left! Not you! Why do you curse me?” Her eyes were filled with tears, and her wrinkled face became red in distress. She stepped aside, and behind her stood a stone with a name on it. She fell to her knees and held her face in her hands, her words were shaky and cut off between breaths,

“Why...Why are you here?”

Jabit became nauseous as he read the stone inscription, His hands began to shake as tears started building up in his eyes.

Jabit Treadfoot 844 - 872

“How… I'm alive! I made it back, how could you say I'm dead! What is going on?”
He stood above the gravestone before falling to his knees. His mind was racing, everything that happened on his journey seemed lost. But he knew it was true, he made it home. How could this be his grave? He looked at his mother as he started to cry. She looked up at him before he answered him,

“She brought you here… two years ago she brought you to me. She carried your body right here!” Her crying was intense and her speech stuttered,

“She told me she found your caravan crashed… You didn’t make it, but you told her to bring you here...”

The End

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