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Jabit’s breaths quickly became heavy and his body was weak from the chase. The warriors were right behind him shouting out threats,

“You are dead halfling! When we catch you we will cook you alive! You hear me!?”

Suddenly Jabit broke away from the forest and found himself on the road. He heard the sound of hooves slam against the mud and wooden wheels skidding along. He looked up and saw there was a bearded hobbit pulling the reins of a small pony. His caravan slid through the mud and crooked as it stopped just before Jabit Treadfoot. The Hobbit was wearing a brown cloak above his red tunic, his eyes were wide full of worry as he looked at Jabit. He sensed something was wrong with the messenger, but before he could speak the warriors appeared from out of the forrest .

They looked startled at the arrival of the hobbit rider and his caravan. Looking at Jabit and then at the bearded hobbit the black haired warrior shouted over the sound of the storm,

“Oh well, well! Looks like there are two of them. Is this your get away? You rotten little thieves we’ll kill you both!”

The ranger had his long bow drawn and his aim was for the the hobbit rider who responded with a stern voice,

“You would be mistaken human, I do not know this hobbit. But I am afraid you will not have your way with him. Would a thief travel with no bag to hold his loot? Lower your weapons. ”

“Who do you think you are commanding me and my men?” the old warrior replied with laughter and rage.

“I am a hobbit and I have more important matters to attend to than fighting over another hobbit with wild men!” Shouted the hobbit rider.

The old warrior walked closer to the caravan ready to slay the rider. As he drew closer the ruby pendant on the rider’s necklace started to glow red.

“Stay your blade human, this hobbit has done nothing to you and neither have I!” Added the bearded rider with a strict yell.

The End

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