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“There you are, a hobbit huh? You think you can steal from my men!?” He stabbed at the hobbit but Jabit rolled out of the way, knocking over jars and shattering them. The tall man stepped inside and slowly moved towards Jabit. His black and gray hair stuck to his face, and his eyes were filled with rage. Jabit held up his empty hand and started to explain himself.

“No mister, I was not stealing! I swear it, You see I was coming through your camp by accident, I fell into your trap, see?”

He pointed at his leg with the cut rope still attached before he continued,

“I am no burglar mister, I am simply a messenger caught in a storm without his caravan.”

The old man replied, “So you found mine and decided to steal it! Don’t lie halfling it will get you no further than where you stand.”

“No I do not steal sir, I just want to go home. That is it I promise you.” Jabit added with concern in his frail voice.

The man moved closer, putting the end of his blade to Jabit’s small neck.

“You hobbits don’t do well in the wild.” The black haired warrior laughed.

Jabit glanced at the man’s leather boots as he gripped the arrow in his right hand.

“Yes we do.”

All of a sudden the hobbit jumped aside and stabbed the arrow into the man’s foot with all of his strength. The floorboards shattered as the warrior yanked his leg from them. Jabit fell through the hole it made and to the ground below. He started to crawl out from under the rundown caravan with all the speed he could muster. The old warrior growled in pain as he ripped the arrow from his foot. Stumbling out of the caravan and into the rain he saw the hobbit being chased by the other two warriors.

Jabit ran for his life from the them, moving in and out of trees as he heard arrows zip by and thud on impact. His feet kicked up mud and leaves as he maneuvered the forest in the rain. The storm made it impossible to tell which way he was going, but forward was his only option. He slipped into a puddle and tripped over exposed roots scraping his hands and knees. And arrow stuck into the tree in front of him as he ran. The ranger was skilled but the rain impaired him.

The End

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