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The moon was obscured by thick dark clouds as he waited for the men to sleep. The fire in the middle of their camp was extinguished by the downpour and the remaining smoke mixed with the dense fog. Minutes had gone by before Jabit wandered out from the brush he concealed himself in. The storm hit sooner than he expected, and it was much worse than he imagined. As he crept across the warrior camp his clothes became soaked.

He paused at the fire pit, only charcoal remained but the smell of pork still lingered in the air. He didn't find it appetizing which was strange to him. The caravan seemed more important at the moment. He could clearly see it now, but he noticed something wrong; there was no horse.

The caravan was only a few feet away when he heard the snapping of branches above him. In an instant something yanked at his ankle and pulled him into the air. In a panic Jabit shouted,

"No! Help me! Help me please!"

But the sound of the rain drowned his cries. Blood rushed to his head as he dangled upside down from a tree. He looked up at his ankle where a rope tied into a slip knot secured itself. The rain poured down into his eyes and mouth causing him to keep them shut. Heavy gusts wind whipped against his small body as he struggled to get free. There was no chance he would get out of the trap, the men who set it knew what they were doing and Jabit was ill prepared.

The strong winds finally calmed and the rain had slowed after what felt like hours. Jabit was left in a dark quiet forest with no obvious escape plan. He needed to break free, there had to be a way. The men were still sleeping but Jabit was concerned they would be more dangerous if they had found him. His only chance would be to do it alone. Suspended nearly six feet in the air he looked around for anything to help him.

The stones from the fire were out of reach, but the caravan was only feet away and its condition was no good sign. The wood was rotted and probably infested with termites. The surrounding vegetation consumed its wheels over time. After studying it for a while, Jabit could see arrows riddled its left wall, most likely from the drunken ranger.

“That’s it!” Jabit whispered sharply, trying not to let his excitement wake the men in their tents.

The End

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