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The Watcher studied the pair as they conversed with each other. One of them was short, covered in dark crimson leather and a black scarf which concealed his face. The Watcher didn't know who this was, but his slender frame suggested he was no typical man. Yet the other figure startled the Watcher. Standing nearly eight feet high and built like a giant, this was no man -- this was the work of magic.

Crawling out from the log and behind a tree, the Watcher knew they were no simple travelers. They were Farah Lenook's henchmen and they were searching for the Dwarf known as Awkid Anvorbeard.

But before the Watcher could think any further, something unbelievable caught his attention. Crawling up the angled trunk of the fallen tree was Balamor and Awkid Anvorbeard himself.

Suddenly the map maker slipped from the trunk falling into the bushes below. Before the Watcher could distract the cloaked man and his giant friend, he had to think of a plan to save the young Wisebeard, and time was running out.

"What was that?" Yelled the leather studded man.

His faithful comrade replied,

"Probably is nonsense... A hare or something."

But the masked henchmen was quick to dismiss his assumption, approaching the bushes with his hand on the hilt of his blade.

"Bear, I don't need your advice. Something is here, I can feel it."

The Watcher didn't know what to do, but saving Balamor was his mission. He had worked for many years keeping him safe, and to give it up now was not an option. Without second thought he darted to the bushes, hoping he could get to Balamor before the cloaked figure’s scimitar had a chance.

The sun was shining now, and the forest was gripped with a nerve racking stillness. Time slowed and a moment seemed to last minutes as the Watcher sprinted to the bushes. He held his breath as he entered the dense shrub, and with one hop his fate was sealed. The sound of the man's blade shook the entire forest before it dug into the body of the hare. A searing heat consumed the Watcher, and his vision blurred into a deathly pitch black.

The End

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