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"The Dwarf has to be around here... I'm sure he was in these forests..."

Mayn's lithe figure stood in a clearing, searching around for any signs of a camp, but there was nothing to be found.

Bear broke the silence "Don't worry Mayn. We’ll find that Dwarf. And when we do, I'll crush him!"

"No... you will not 'crush' anything Bear, not everything needs to be 'crushed' by your damn hands..." Mayn replied while making quotes with his fingers.

"What about the guards? You told me 'Crush them Bear!'… So I crushed them." Bear added, also making air quotes.

"Ok, well when they are puny men you can do all the crushing. But the arm of Avennoth is not puny." Said Mayn, as he began motioning his hands strangely.

But Bear interrupted him, "'re a puny man..."

Stopping his gestures, he looked over his shoulder at the big oaf,

"I am not a man, I'm an Elf. There is a stark difference my friend."

Turning his concentration back to the forest he continued motioning his hands with mystifying rhythm. A sign language which was majestic in its display. It was only moments before his hands closed to form the shape of a monocular.

His gestures seemed to manipulate an unseen energy within in his palms. Through his pale hands Mayn manifested a lens giving him the vision of an eagle.

He scanned the forest for any signs of encampment. He looked southwest, past a huge fallen tree and just behind a forested incline. Short split trunks formed spiral stairs climbing up the bark of a tree.


Dropping his hands to the hilt of his scimitar blade he gazed ahead.

"Let's go. We need to check the camp ahead. Could be that our Dwarf lives in the trees."

Bear nodded and the two continued through the Thorned Ridge as dawn was nearly over.

The End

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