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The sun was just beyond the horizon and the storm the night before left a bone chilling cold in the air. The rain turn to drizzle and the wind calmed as Mayn and Bear walked through the forests of the Thorned Ridge. They were an interesting duo, Bear was the brawn with a head thick as stone, while Mayn was quite the opposite. He was intelligent, and had a strong enough will to possess magic in his blood, not to mention his skill with the sword was more than fair.

But their appearance is where they differed greatly. Standing nearly 8 feet tall Bear was a giant in comparison to Mayn. His arms hung lower than most, and his hands could hold small boulders with ease. The club he carried seemed unnecessary at times.

Mayn was very slim, and only reached about 5 and a half feet. But he looked unlike anyone in this part of the world, perhaps that's why he covered his face with that long black cloth. But when he revealed himself it was hard not to notice his sharp features. From his narrow chin and nose to the tips of his pointed ears, he was far from ordinary, and he wanted to keep that secret.

On their travels the two of them joked with one another from time to time, but their mission was most important to their master. Mayn knew he was close to finding what she called the arm of Avennoth. His encounter last night would have nearly killed him if it wasn't for that hobbit. It would be the last time he traveled with bandits.

As he wrapped his head in a black scarf he thought about what happened with the robed halfling before he met up with Bear. Even if the hobbit was holding that rune, it wasn't what created those monstrous earth summons. But still he wondered who that hobbit was, and where he received such a rune.

But what mattered more was who casted those spells, and Mayn was positive it was the work of the Avennoth. He didn't know much about it, since it has only existed twice. His master told him when they are complete they can do almost anything, but this one was far from it. Only possessing the arm, and the rest was unaltered -- the rest being a Dwarf.

The End

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