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Wearing a brown cloak over his red tunic and dark cloth pants, the man was familiar; he was an Oakfoot. Although a grizzly beard made him out to be intimidating the hobbit beneath looked uneasy and spoke to himself quietly, but the Watcher's hearing was keen and so he listened.

"Damn it! I can't believe this is... Why when Balamor has gone to Anstia? And why am I the one who is given with this?"

His pudgy hobbit fingers reached beyond his red collar, revealing a small ruby pendant on a necklace which gave off a dim red light.

"... Damn it! If only--"

The bearded Hobbit jumped in his seat at the sound of bushes ruffling. Searching around him, he held the red stone like a fierce weapon. But the Watcher knew he did not realize its power.

Hopping from behind a small bush the Watcher revealed himself to the startled rider. His body was tiny, even compared to a hobbit. Covered in white fur with red spots, his whiskers twitched as he sniffed the wet ground. Standing on all fours, it was obvious the Watcher was no threat to the hobbit.

"Ah, it's just a hare... I thought I'd have to use this on you."

There was an awkward pause as the two studied one another. The hobbit felt strange looking at the small creature, but the hare looked normal to him.  He pulled the reins on his horse and his caravan left at once, disappearing into the heavy fog.

The small hare stood silently. Across the Faric the Raehl did the same. Farjadis must have improvised a plan in Balamor's absence. The Watcher wanted answers from him, but finding Balamor mattered most. Reaching him before Farah Lenook or one of her accomplices would be a difficult task. A bolt of lightning struck the ground and the Watcher was gone.

The End

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