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"What was that?" Yelled out a mans voice.

Balamor laid motionless within the shrubbery. His breaths ceased but the pounding of his heartbeat did not. Through the lattice of leaves and branches, he made out a tall dark figure approaching. Framed in dark leather armor. A black cloth wrap concealed his face.

Balamor knew who this man was and the fear of meeting him again slowly pushed him back into the bushes. His stubby fingers dug into the moist soil as the figure began to draw his scimitar blade from its sheath.

"Probably is nonsense... A hare or something." Shouted a deep clumsy voice. Balamor couldn't figure out who it was, but it sounded like a giant.

"Bear, I don't need your advice. Something is here, I can feel it."

The sun finally pierced the clouds and the rain was gone. Bright light was gleaming on the edge of the cloaked man's blade. It’s metallic hiss seemed to shake the entire forest. Within a flash the man thrusted his sword into the bushes.

A yelp came from the bush, breaking the quiet atmosphere. Awkid witnessed the event from atop the fallen tree. The Dwarf's eyes grew wide, a fiery blaze inside him almost singed the bark beneath his fingers. He was about to pounce on the unexpecting bandit when the narrow blade was yanked from the shrubs. On its end lay a dead carcass of a red spotted hare.

Balamor's hands released their tight grip on the wet soil as he opened his eyes. He looked around in confusion, wondering what had just taken place. He looked through the brush once more as the masked bandit tossed the body of the hare to his counterpart.

"Sometimes you're right, but only sometimes. Don't get full of yourself now."  The man sheathed his blade in a swift and effortless fashion.

“The only thing Bear is gonna get full of is this rabbit.” His partner added with a deep chuckle.

Balamor could finally see the oaf of a man named Bear. A name that suited him well. His frame was much taller and wider than Mayn. He wore a loose brown tunic cut off at the shoulders. Thick red leggings were tucked into his leather boots. In one hand he held a wooden club ringed with studded metal braces. In the other hung the limp body of a hare. Its death made Balamor uneasy.

“Anyway, we need to move on, we can argue all day about how you did or did not tear down this tree. But we can’t forget why we came to this damn forest. If we don’t find the one who wields the arm of Avennoth then Farah will have the two of us blind and limbless!”

Mayn smacked Bear on the back of his bald head as the two of them walked away.

Balamor and Awkid watched the two men as they walked through the forest. It was hard for either of them to figure out the context, but Balamor knew Farah Lenook was also searching for his Grandfather.

He suddenly remembered Farjadis’ word’s before he left his village,

“Every Wisebeard must travel and learn as much as he can. Our blood is special Balamor, only you can prove that.”

The End

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