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After he finished his notes on the wolves, he moved on. Various nasty beasts such as the firey Searing Yemmings, and the brush tearing Paak Swarms made their way into his note book, each subject taking nearly a third of a page. After awhile he found a very interesting creature Murko described as brume of frost lurking through the brush.


Many a times have I felt the cold wind of the southern night. But there is a bone chilling cold I've felt in my trips to the Lowlands of Leylancarr. Such a cold in those forests, that you can see the the air freeze around these clouds of tiny bugs as they swim in and out of the trees. Anything in their wake has no chance against the swarm. If you aren’t as lucky as myself in escaping, then the Misks will devour you whole -- I've seen it.

These Misk swarms intrigued Balamor.  He wondered if they lurked further north than the Lowlands of Leylancarr as Murko described. The traveler and his band of brothers traveled all across the Southland, yet he only placed these Misks in those lowlands — and the Tarr Wolves in the Forest of Nim. It was as if these creatures were bound to the lands more than ordinary beasts in this world.

The young cartographer studied his map on the table. He had spent years filling in the names of locations he had never even seen. His finger traced a fancy calligraphy label; Lowlands of Leylancarr. Balamor paused a moment before turning to Awkid who was packing luncheons for the two of them.

"These...Misks. Are they a possibility on our trip?"

The Dwarf didn't respond at first, almost ignoring the question as he prepared sandwiches of sweet maple ham and goat cheese — his finest ingredients he thought he would save for himself before Balamor showed up. His bearded face peeked from behind his shoulder.

"The Misks of the lowlands are no possibility. Those lowlands are their home and they made it that way. They are not the concern for this trip my friend, the Parins are the real possibility."

Balamor gazed down at the fine book, flipping its elegant page to reveal the next subject. At first glance the shadowy creature seemed almost human in shape and stature.


The End

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