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~ Preface ~

To travel the lands of the Kindgom is no easy task, for even the the highest hands of the Anstian Monarchy do not point fingers at such places on the map. Ever since the Necromancer was banished and the Anstian Kingdom was formed, these lands reek of foul creatures, lining its forests and rivers and the deepest of valleys to the highest of peaks.

The lands of the ancients were cursed by the hands of the Necromancer. These wicked creatures, spawns of ill spoken word — They remain.  A shameful reminder that man should hold his tongue. No matter the case, I write this text to shed light on such a dark and decrepit reality. Hopefully to give the adventurous traveler foresight on their travels.

—Dansil Murko, of The Beshmere Arm

Balamor went through the fine cloth-like pages, taking notes as his eyes scoured the contents. He copied the names and descriptions of the dark creatures, focused on learning as much as he could about them. Fine oil painted illustrations of each subject gave him chills but his concentration was unbothered.

He transferred the contents to his notebook rather quickly, making sure to pluck out the important bits he would need for the journey. But he couldn't help himself to reading up on a few subjects which piqued his curiosity. Nearly an hour went by before he was complete with his research.

The first of the demented beasts Balamor noted was a Wolf which stood even taller than Awkid, it's brown fur seemed slick with a pitch black muck. Bright yellow eyes and a smoke filled mouth seemed to leap off the page from behind the painting of a tree.

Tarr Wolves:

These rabid beasts roam the darkest of the southern forests. I've come across quite a few in my time and it wasn't long before my axe split through their frail carcasses. They are much less a fight then they are intimidating. To take one down isn't a matter of strength but dexterity, you must be able to find them. Look for their eyes, they  glow a bright yellow; rarely are they easy to find.

Balamor scribbled down the authors accounts with the Tarr Wolves, even making his own sketches of the paintings in the book. He was conscious of the danger in the world around him even more now than during his time in the Rhael. He never imagined such monstrous beings shared the Southland with him, lurking in uncharted lands.

The End

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