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Beside Jabit was another rocking chair, he sat down before he continued,

"I'm unsure why I am here exactly, but I believe that is beyond my purpose. My mother gave me this potion, she told me it was very important I bring it to you."

Reaching into his vest he revealed the glass vial to the old Wisebeard, it's contents still glowed a ghostly green. Farjadis didn't flinch at the sight of the strange potion, he only rocked in his chair waiting for the messenger to go on.

"She mentioned that a man named Gantis Jacs will be here in a few days, and that you must take this to hide yourself from —"

The old man removed the pipe from his mouth and interrupted the nervous hobbit before him,

"Farrah Lenook... She is here... did you speak to Gantis yourself?" The old man's tone was strict, his eyes grew wide in concern as he waited for Jabit to respond.

"I'm afraid not, my mother must have gotten this from him while I was away on a delivery, I'm not sure why she would be dealing with this... Maybe this Mystic is trying to keep it secret, the reason is beyond me I am merely the messenger." Reaching out to the old man, Jabit passed the potion to him.

Farjadis studied the tear shaped vial closely, his bony fingers rubbed across the square of four dots pressed into its surface. He recognized this symbol, but he was not familiar with what was inside. He felt the urgency of the situation looming over him, glancing over at the traveler beside him he looked for answers he could only receive from Gantis Jacs himself.

He remembered when the Mystic last spoke to him nearly half a century ago, when he first moved to the Rhael. He knew she would eventually find him, but he hoped she wouldn't find Balamor. Looking back at the strange potion, he studied the symbol once more.

"Do you know what this symbol here represents Mr. Treadfoot?"

The nervous hobbit shook his head, afraid to respond with words.

"It is an ancient word which stands for time, a runeword... This is a very powerful word, I've never seen it on a potion in my time. The old Mystic must have something planned..." The old Wisebeard placed the vial on a small table between them.

Jabit looked down at the table, beneath it he saw a basket full of various books,

"A library! My mother, she mentioned something about your library... becoming lost to you."

The End

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