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"The only two left my friend, it's not knowledge they wish to share, for it might fall into the wrong hands. Whatever your business you have with the old man, keep it between you and him. The safety of the Wisebeards means the safety of us hobbits."

The bridge builder rested his right hand on Jabit's shoulder as he looked him in the eye. "It's the hole with the green porch, oh and bring us some of them Jams soon!"

Jabit jumped from his stool before the bartender could make it down to him. Within moments he was making his way through the doors and back outside. A slight breeze cooled the sweat on his brow, the afternoon sun was unforgiving this day. He strolled down the busy trail in search of the hole with the green porch front, recognizing only a few of the faces that greeted him. It wasn’t long until he felt like he was walking in circles.

The layout of the town confused him, leading him to walk for nearly half an hour before he spotted what he was looking for. He must have passed it a dozen times. Letting out a sigh of relief he hurried across the dirt road towards the old Wisebeard's hole. It seemed like steps became shorter as he approached the wooden steps of the porch.

The creaking of a rocking chair broke the strange silence, causing Jabit to seek it out immediately. Before he could speak, the old hobbit sitting in the chair across from the stairs started,

"Ah so you live! It has been a long time Mr. Treadfoot, I was worried I would never taste your mother May's jams again. How much are they now?" Taking a puff from his long pipe he raised one eyebrow.

The messenger was startled for some reason, like he was caught committing a crime. He was unable to answer the question before the old man cut in,

"Is everything ok Jabit? You look like you've seen a ghost!" A cloud of smoke dissipated before the old man let out a jovial laugh.

"Yes, yes everything is very well... It has certainly been awhile since we last encountered, but unfortunately I am not here with jams this time Mr. Wisebeard..."

The air grew heavy around Jabit as he finished his sentence, he felt the joyful mood of the old man collapse. As if time was still when the Wisebeard took a drag from his pipe. Jabit felt the blue eyes of the hobbit study him, suddenly he realized his hand was gripping his vest pocket.

"I see... Please, take a seat." Farjadis added.

The End

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