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"I see you're without a caravan...none of your mother's jams yet? How is she doing this time of year by the way? If you don't mind a hobbits curiosity.."

The messenger looked down to the ground in disinterest before he spoke

"She is well... Thank you for asking, mister... Puddlebottom! Isn't it?"

The man nodded before Jabit continued,

"As for the Jams...unfortunately not this time. She has me making a smaller, much more peculiar delivery to the Rhael, though it is more urgent than her Jams, I assure you!"

Puddlebottom rose one brow in curiosity before his question came forth amongst a laugh,

"What could be more important than your mother's Jams?"

Jabit leaned in slowly, "A message for a Farjadis Wisebeard from Gantis Jacs."

The light chuckle of the man broke at the sound of the name, his plush face tensed as if he could see the strange potion within his vest.

"The mystic...I see, well then, you must be on your way. Don't let me hinder the delivery of such news. Though I would approach the subject lightly, the old man doesn't like to bring up his past with the mystic and the majority of the Rhael isn't very fond of magic in the first place."

"Yes, yes thank you! And I am sure those Jams will be here within the month!"

A soft smile crossed Jabits face as he proceeded through the wooden archway of the Rhael, his eyes fixed on the crescent of giant cliffs which protected the hobbit town. Their shear size was intimidating, yet he felt secure in their hands.

The messenger looked down at his destination to see a series of grassy hobbit holes scattered around dirt trailslike rolling hills in the distance. If it wasn't for their wooden doors and porch fronts the hobbits which occupied them would have seemed like giants. It was an interesting sight to Jabit, his experience in a town full of his own kind only came from his deliveries. His mother preferred to be isolated from towns, even if they were full of peaceful hobbits. Jabit always thought about moving to such a town one day, perhaps when he was free from the farm.

His memory of the Rhael was slowly returning to him, it felt like ages had gone by since his last arrival. He walked down the road for a moment before he spotted a familiar sign, "The Watering Hole." Without a second glance he yanked the two large semi-circle doors open, and entered the dim lit lounge within.

The End

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