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Rough winds whipped the rope bridge to and fro as he slid his left hand over his vest pocket securing the precious potion within. A nervous breath escaped his lungs as he took the first step across the raging Faric. Gripping the rope railing tight, he guided himself from plank to plank. Travel was slow across the narrow bridge as he made sure he wouldn't become another victim to the angry rapids.

The water below leaped up at his feet, causing him to jump and nearly knock himself over. The nervous hobbit watched the thick oak planks pass beneath his feet, each one creaking as they pulled him closer to the heavy current of the Faric. His hands clenched the rope handrail as he neared the middle of the bridge.

His heart pounded against his chest, nearly breaking free from his shaken body. A deep inhale ended abruptly as Jabit watched a monstrous wave slam against the frail bridge causing him to slip and lose his balance. His hand slipped free from the railing before he fell face first towards the thick planks below.

Slipping from his vest the glass vial chimed as it skipped across the bridge in front of him. Crawling ferociously Jabit chased the precious potion across the bridge, in one leap forward the desperate hobbit reached out and snatched the vial from the air with both hands. But his slippery palms lost their grip leading him to juggle it wildly as he shifted himself to his feet. Each step drove him towards the end of the bridge, but no closer to securing the small vial which danced in and out of his stubby fingers.

In one final attempt to save the potion he dove forward and yanked it from the air, pulling it to his chest before his short frame slammed into the grass below. Too frightened to move from the stable ground Jabit held his breath as he glanced down at the object in his hands. A metal latch still clamped the mouth of the tear shaped container shut, the eerie substance still lurking inside. Jabit's face relaxed as he let out a thankful sigh, hoping the worse part of the journey was over.

It was a long trip across the river, and one which made the messenger question the purpose of the entire situation. He rubbed his noggin and looked into the sky as he returned the vial to his vest.

"What would mother be doing protecting some old man in the Rhael?" Jabit thought to himself.

He knew this certainly wasn't typical business for his mother to be apart of, but he wasn't in the position to question such things, although he had a bad feeling about it. His thinking ended abruptly when the sound of a man's voice called out for him,

"Hello there Mr. Treadfoot! I saw you almost took a dip into the Faric there, don't let this summer heat make you mad!"

Jabit looked at the man , his face was soft for the deep of his voice. If they weren't alone Jabit would have thought he was hearing someone else. Jabit slid his hand over his tan vest pocket, shielding its precious contents as an awkward silence fell between the two hobbits.

The End

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