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The Dwarf drew a heavy laugh and took a large gulp of his mead before he spoke,

“This journey you’re on doesn’t seem fit for a Hobbit, don’t ya think? What has a hobbit leave his village except for fixing bridges?”

Balamor finished chewing his food before he replied, “I’m a cartographer, well I’m trying to be one at least. Which would require me to travel all the lands eventually, for now my destination is a place known as the Mog Brush.”

The Dwarf broke out laughing as he spoke “A hobbit on a journey to the Mog Brush? Are you out of your mind boy!? There is a reason that land stays uncharted. No simple mapmaker - let alone a hobbit - can get past the Bounds of Akinn.”

Balamor interjected quickly, “Wait, you know of the Mog Brush?”

The stout Anvorbeard finished his pint before he went on, “You may think I haven’t seen magic past my own fist but I’ve traveled to that land, only those who understand the magic of that barrier can have their passing.”

He shoveled the final bite of his meal into his mouth, not waiting to finish chewing before he added, “But I’ve seen your books, and those stones you carry. You aren’t just a simple mapmaker are you Balamor? How much do you know of magic?”

“Not nearly as much as I would like to know. But I will tell you this Dwarf, I will not turn back now, whether or not I understand that barrier I will find my way in!”

“Ha! You’re as stubborn as a Dwarf, little mapmaker. But traveling to the Mog Brush is not something any Hobbit can do, especially alone.”

“Well you’ve been there right? You can escort me there!”

The excited hobbit jumped to his feet before bracing his chair to keep balance.

“I know it’s a lot to ask, but you don’t have to go in, just get me to the border and I will make the crossing alone.”

The End

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