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“I did indeed, it’s no hobbit hole but it does the job. I’ve been living here in the Thorned Ridge ever since I left the Eastlands when I was young. My people are strongly against the use of magic ever since the time of the Blood Wars.”

The Dwarf continued as he lit a stone fireplace and placed the two small hares on a rotisserie.

“They exiled me because of my arm, saying that it was the work of a necromancer. I still have no clue who the woman was that did this to me… Unfortunately I owe her and this curse my life.”

He slowly poured the both of them a cup of mead before returning to the fire. Quickly Balamor took a large gulp, cringing at the bitter taste.

“Wait, did this necromancer take you hostage? Or did you willingly accept that monstrous limb of yours?”

Awkid spun their meal over the fire almost ignoring the question for a moment,

“She found me on a road heading towards my home town in the Dahris Mountains. I was nearly dead when she carried me to her home. I was in no condition to refuse.”

“What happened to your arm before it was….like this?” Added Balamor.

“I lost it. I was returning home from the Dwarven villages to the southeast when I was struck by a hijacked caravan crossing the Pass of Jemm… Just about lost my entire arm after it was clipped by the wheels…..Not long thereafter a Dwarven woman stumbled upon my body….I remember my blood staining the back of her white horse….I’m surprised she could even fix me....If that’s what you want to call it.”

Balamor took another dissatisfying gulp as he replied, “You would be surprised at what magic I’ve witnessed these past few days.”

The Dwarf raised one eyebrow in question as he rested their plates on the table, the infuriated hobbit went on,

“Not even one day in this journey and I’m fighting off highwaymen, saving bridge builders! - who saved me of course. Then next thing I know, I’m trailing you and you just disappear!”

The mapmaker took another gulp, now numb to its bitterness. Awkid scoffed down his meal as Balamor continued,

“Not long after I almost come face to face with this robed mystic woman. She conjures up a golem and turns it into flesh and bone hobbit! That’s why I was surprised to see you were the one summoning golems to fight off those bandits in the pass. I mean sure, now it makes complete sense, but then? No Hobbit would believe in such things.”

The End

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