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The glow intensified at the sound of the strange word before the sensation in his hand began to course through his entire body. He felt his skin tighten around his wounds, before their pain disappeared completely. He almost didn’t believe what he had just done, questioning himself and studying the rune as its glow finally faded. He yanked his small notebook and a wooden pencil from his pack, swapping it for the rune. The tip of his pencil panned to the top of the most recent page before halting at the symbol of the rune he just held in his hand. He scribbled down the first piece to the puzzle.

Pronunciation: Raji

Uses: Healing?
Color: Light Yellow

Note: I have discovered it can be used for healing wounds, though it may have other uses unknown to me. This isn’t common tongue from my current understanding.

As he scribbled down the last words of his report he heard the sound of branches snapping overhead. He glared up at the bushey treeline which rooted itself to the brim of the cliffs which surrounded the ancient pass. Small leaves fluttered in the moonlight as Balamor hawked the canopy above. His focus was broken as more branches fell to the ground behind him. He quickly turned around to see something falling through the air. But he quickly leaped aside before being crushed.

A heavy thud was accompanied by a plume of dirt and dust. Through the cloud Balamor spotted a short figure, stumbling into the base of a tree and striking it’s head. Raspy mumbling followed as it lifted itself from the ground, rubbing it’s head while swearing to itself angrily.

As the dirt dissipated Balamor could clearly see this was no robed woman, this was a dwarf, the dwarf he trailed down the Faric to be exact. His face was rigid and wrinkled with age, though the majority of it was covered by a thick brown beard. A green tunic stretched around the dwarf’s heavy body and tucked itself into thick brown leggings. Balamor glanced down at his book before blurting out his first words to the stranger,

“You!? How did--”

Interrupting him sharply the Dwarf raised his right arm into his left hand, immediately Balamor noticed something very strange about this mans arm, but he was cut off before he could speak,

“I call it a curse, but for you it’s a blessing. Either way you are lucky to have lived just now little traveler, these lands are not meant to be traveled alone. The name’s Awkid, Awkid Anvorbeard.”

The End

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