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A line in the face of the creature tore open into a gaping mouth as she poured the contents of the vial within. Seconds later a thin layer of light enveloped the being before it dissipated slowly, revealing a fully clothed figure of a hobbit man. Then the strange woman continued, her voice was soft, almost nurturing,

“There we are my child, now what was your name?...ah! Jabit, yes?”

Nodding in agreement the small man started,

“Oh mother how I have missed you, what is it I can do for you?” His whimsical voice trailed into a silence as the mystic woman removed another vial before tucking the leather pouch away beneath her green robes.

“You shall head east along the Faric until you find the Rhael, a small hobbit village across the river. There you will find an old man who goes by the name Farjadis Wisebeard, give this to him” Handing the potion to short man she went on,

“If anyone asks your business in the Rhael, tell them you are to deliver a message from Gantis Jacs to the old Wisebeard. Tell the old man that Gantis will be arriving within a few days, but he must take this potion to hide his presence in the Rhael till then. If he does not do this the library will be lost.”

She turned away, her green robes trailing against the dirt,

“If he questions this order, tell him that Farah Lenook is here in the south seeking his death.” Her tone was strict, showing the urgency of the situation. Before he could muster up a reply, she disappeared in a flash of light trailed by a sharp boom which shook the ground beneath his feet.

Balamor stared at the short man as he walked away towards his home, the Rhael. his eyes were wide in astonishment from what had just taken place. He wanted to join him on the trip back to the Rhael and tell his grandfather he is being sought out. But he didn’t want to risk being killed by Jabit or even worse the Mystic woman who created this man - or whatever it was - it would have to deliver the news alone. He crawled from the bushes rubbing the numbness from his legs and brushing leaves from his robes before he continued west.

He searched the ground for anything which may have been left behind from the woman, but all was gone, even the three stones she placed on the ground. With nothing to scavenge Balamor began his trek. He kept repeating the women's words in his head, who was Farah Lenook and why would she want to kill Farjadis? And what about the library, what is in the library that would be lost to them? Suddenly he remembered the strange blank books which filled most of the shelves in the old library.

“Spellbooks.” he muttered to himself, wondering if they are the reason Farah Lenook is seeking out here grandfather. Again his questions went without immediate answers.

The sun was well beyond the horizon when Balamor finally saw a break ahead in the dense flora surrounding him. He moved with haste at the relieving sight, his furry feet thudded against the dirt before he felt the cold surface of stone beneath him. He scanned the ground and saw the dirt trail he was on became freckled with polished stone, each one greater in size as he moved on. After a few yards he was out of the surrounding vegetation, amongst the open air which brushed by his robes. The tired hobbit lifted his head from the ground and turned his sight towards the river to see the first part of his journey had be met, Balamor made it to the Greatstone Pass.

The End

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