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He drifted away from the Faric knowing it would draw his predators as it did himself. His thin frame treaded the root torn ground of the brush. Each step drained the energy from his body but he was determined to get away from the road. He marched on mindlessly dodging trees and searching for whatever timber was available. Only grabbing a handful of wood before he laid out his bedroll and dropped himself beside a tree. The thud of his weary body echoed through the stillness of the air. He gathered the rest of his strength to start the fire before he nestled himself at the foot of the wide tree and was fast asleep.

Balamor awoke at the sound of footsteps, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes before he lifting himself to his feet. He turned to see he was only a short distance from the road he departed last night. As he stood beside a tree the footsteps faded. He crept towards the trail silently, hoping whatever was walking by had continued on its way.

As he kneeled beside the road Balamor could see a figure of a short man wandering off in the distance. The mist of dawn shrouded the figure and damped the dirt road the  man traveled, but he knew this was surely no hobbit, his silhouette was much too wide and bulky. Whoever it was the hobbit was cautious, he shifted himself to his feet and walked back to his makeshift camp.

Within a few minutes he gathered his belongings, his bedroll was atop his back and the remnants of his fire were scattered. He turned to the road and silently followed the figure along the edge road.

Miles had passed as he trailed the stranger, their distance was increasing as the sun awoke the landscape. The birdsongs resonated from the vegetation which now nearly enveloped the road. As the morning dew began to dissipate in the sunlight Balamor could see this figure was a clearly a man; His features seemed to be dwarven, a race Balamor only read about in history books.

From what he read the Dwarves are only slightly taller than hobbits, but their strength and and constitution go unmatched. Dwarves are the best miners the mountains have tested, they’re known to craft the most precious gemstones in the lands. However, stories say that the Dwarves were some of the most fearsome warriors during the time of the Blood Wars, a reason Balamor knew he should remain unspotted. But this dwarf did not look harmful at all. In fact, he held no weapon amongst his back, waist, or even his boots.

Suddenly the sturdy dwarf stopped in the middle of the road and fetched his pack. Balamor quickly pinned himself to the base of a tree, hoping he remained undetected. The nervous hobbit’s curiosity couldn’t be tamed so easily, slowly his head peeked around the trunk of a tree, its bark overgrown with moss. The figure reached for his bag when Balamor saw a white cloth was wrapped around the man’s entire right arm.

The End

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