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“What you gonna do now, huh? Your other half is all gone you furry footed wank! Tarec! What do you say we finish off this little scrap off before we search the plunder eh?”

Balamor stood frozen in his tracks, his hand slowly dropped to his small hunting knife. The taller hooded man man drew his sword from its sheath as he spoke to the frightened hobbit.

“Well what do we have here? Huh? Another halfling eh?”

His grunty laugh continued, muffled under his cloth head wrap. Balamor drew his blade in apprehension, he wasn’t sure how to use it against someone twice his size but it was his only chance.

“Oh! We have another brave one do we?” the bandit added.

His lanky arms thrusted his sword downward to split the hobbit in two. But Balamor was too quick, side stepping the tall man and jumping behind him. The hooded attacker crashed into the trunks and crates, knocking them over and spilling their contents. Balamor ran to the back end of the caravan and undid the wooden latch holding the doors closed.

The man came to his feet and turned around to locate the nimble halfing, frustrated at his failed attempt to butcher him. He quickly saw the short silhouette of Balamor, and reached to yank him from the ground. As his hand thrusted through the darkness, Balamor ducked and sliced into his forearm, the bandit growled in pain and held his wound shut.

Balamor dove through his legs before the damaged man could impale him. His broad sword broke one of the floorboards and planted itself into the earth below. Balamor quickly pursued the trapped thief and kicked him into the backdoors. They crashed open as the tall man flung out onto the road.

Beside him was the last bridge builder who was hunched over the dead body of his partner. In the distance lay the body of the highwayman from earlier, defeated. The bridge builder's face and torso were riddled with cuts and bruises, his clothes torn and stained from blood and earth. He glared at the final bandit before he stood up and swung at him with his hatchet.

Balamor quickly pulled the doors shut and secured them with the wooden latch. He looked around and saw most of the things in this caravan were useless to him, various building materials, and a few large spools of cloth. He  started to exit the side door before a trunk which was knocked over caught his attention.

The End

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