Page 12 - Chapter Two


The thrashing waters of Faric yanked at the hobbit as he straddled the twisted ropes of a broken bridge. The river sucked him back and suddenly, he vanished. Seconds passed before the sturdy arm of the bridge builder reached out of the waves, latching onto a broken post bobbing along the current. Just as he secured himself the shout of a man rushed by him


The sturdy hobbit threw his arm out to the small figure being washed away.

"Tarot! Grab my hand!"

Their stubby fingers were distanced by inches before he watched his comrade disappear downstream. He started up the tangled ropes, exhausted with battling the river. The strained hobbit climbed halfway up the ropes when the snapping of oak came from the only post holding them in place. He knew his fate now and took a deep breath as he grabbed the pendant of his necklace. The last post splintered before the young Ericho was devoured by the raging waters of the Faric.

The eyes of Balamor exploded open as he threw himself awake. He clutched the stone rune in his hand. His last memories littered his mind, a foggy remembrance of some nightmare. Sweat dripped from his brow as he gasped for air. He looked down at the rune in his hand, its carvings glowed a ghostly green. In one quick motion Balamor dropped the rune on the bed and jumped to his feet. The glow diminished as it hit the covers.

He shook the slumber from his eyes as he turned to the window. The sky was a gray blue and the frigid air of dawn cloaked the hobbit village. The sound of birds had not yet been triggered by the warmth of sunrise. His timing had put his mind at ease, but what had just taken place startled him. He couldn't ponder on the matter; he had to make sure he didn't awake his father who was sleeping in the room over.

He crept to the wall and pressed his ear against the wooden lathe. He heard the rumbling snore of Barris, sometimes abruptly stopping and stuttering. He was in the clear; moving to his desk he slowly pulled his drawer open, revealing writing implements, the metal flask, and the ten engraved stone runes. He could only take two more runes with him; his bag was already over packed.

The End

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